2018 news

Greetings folkers!! I hope you’ve all survived the Beast’s roar and are thawing yourselves gently by the fire, drink in hand, glory in mind.

Just a quick update on all things Black Bank Folk. 2018 will see our re-entry into decent society… Big plans for album no.2 and touring to follow! Last year was largely spent writing and getting demos together for our shiny new material. We’re very happy/excited about it, and are dying get it out there for you. We spent a few weeks back at Orphan Studios with Gavin Glass and we’re about half way through recording the next release. We will soon be running a crowd funding junket to allow people to pre order the album and getting back in there to get it all put together. We put out a festive single before Christmas and a video by Con Colbert that turned out reallllll nice.

The new tunes are more contemporaneously focused than the historical base for Rising, reflections on the Ireland we’ve been living in. We’re looking to retain a lot of the sound of our previous stuff but there’s definitely a bit of an edge to the new recordings that we think you’re going to love.

Over the last few months John has upped stix to the ‘sunny south east’ where, since his move, he has endured Ophelia and the Beast, power cuts and ice filled bothareens….Bord Failte’s marketing team have a lot to answer for. Sunnier days are on the way though, surely. The Wexford retreat is a magical place though, views to the crashing waves of the Irish sea and the sights n sounds have served as a tonic and inspiration during writing sessions.

I’ve put my hand tentatively to learning the Banjo, expect big things on album number 6 or 7! The rest of the guys are working away on various projects and gifting their talents to the musical ether, excitedly waiting for the message that puts them into full on Black Bank Folk mode a la the agents of MASK in 1980s cartoons.

Anyway, we will keep you posted as best we can with any news and if there’s anything for your ears or eyes we will readily get it to you!

Much Love…Jim BBF

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